How Does Reiki Works?

Reiki Master Dr. Anoop Agarwal or the practitioner takes your short lifestyle and medical history at before the commencement of Reiki therapy. This will tell you if you are taking any medicines or not currently in your health condition. It will also explain why you came for treatment. Reiki can help you release those things which hold back you and create a beautiful space for new or improved entering stuff. Reiki can help you balance and focus in the midst of life’s changes or business. Reiki can help you release the things that hold you back and build a lovely space for new or improved items to come into. Reiki can help you get balanced and centered through the changes or activity.

Reiki healing works by harnessing positive energies into your body, through Reiki masters and practitioners who typically lay their hands on the affected areas of the body parts that need to be stimulated, offering this energy and your physical body consumes the energy wherever it is most necessary.

This powerful flow of positive energy can produce an almost immediate feeling of relief, because tension is released and stress is reduced and positive replace negative energy.. It can also promote the change of any negative intellectual habits and turn this into positive and productive thought patterns. In addition it helps many physical conditions. Reiki energy is gentle to receive, but on all levels a powerful form of healing and benefits can be felt straight away.

Some scientists have theoretically suggested that the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing effect of Reiki is caused at a sub physical level, perhaps in what science calls the bio-field or electromagnetic field around us that is usually called the AURA.

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