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Numerology is perhaps the easiest of the occult arts to understand and use. All you need is the birth date and the complete name of an individual to unlock all of the secrets that the numbers hold.


That’s very interesting question.  What infact we want to know, that is important.  Why things are happening so? How destiny is determined?  Can we change our destiny?  And if the things are to be happened than why should we work?

To know all these, let us understand Karma theory.  Whatever happens in our life is determined but the reactions of these are not determined.  The reaction on actions will determine our next Karma.  One may simply say, why should we bother about next when we don’t know and why don’t we think and enjoy present which is with us.

Good enough, but mind that what is happening today is all because of our past reactions.  We have to learn lesson from that and try to understand and react in such a manner so that the next should be beautiful.

Can we rectify our past Karmas or can we change the destiny?  No we can’t change.  The only thing is that we can develop strength in ourselves to face all the effects of our past.  One should remain neutral in all sphere of life i.e. even at boom or depression, one should remain constant. If we face bad because of our past, we also face good because of our past.  The only problem come with us that during good we say that it is all because we have done it and ‘I’ become prominent.

We believe in unveiling the mysteries of life. Human beings are full of curiosity. They want to know about what is stored for them in the near future. They want to know whether they will be tasting success in the future enterprise or defeat will be their fate. They want to know about the future husband/ Wife and how the relationship passes throughout the life. Dr. Aggarwal helps his clients in different situations. He uses numerology in order to provide answers to the questions which humans are looking for. He is offering various services like numerology reading, love numerology, love horoscope, etc.