Why to Learn Reiki

One of the most important and interesting elements of Reiki is its symbols. Reiki symbols allow people to take their Reiki practice one step further by allowing them to take the energy of Reiki and use it for a specific purpose.The symbols should only be available to those who have been initiated at the Reiki 2 level.Although Reiki symbols are traditionally supposed to be kept a secret, over the years they’ve gotten quite a bit of exposure and buzz.The symbols have been described in many books and are freely available on the Internet.

Reiki symbols do not hold any special power themselves. They were devised as teaching tools for reiki students. It is the intention of the practitioner’s focus that energizes these symbols.

There are five symbols in the Usui Reiki Healing system. Traditionally, three of these symbols are taught to Reiki 2 students and the fourth symbol is reserved to Reiki Master Students.

The Power Symbol (Choku Rei)

(Choku Rei is pronounced: “Cho-Koo-Ray”)

The general meaning of Choku Rei is: “Place the power of the universe here”.

The power symbol can be used to increase the power of Reiki. It can also be used for protection. See it as a light switch that has the intention to instantly boost your ability to channel Reiki energy.

Draw or visualize the symbol in front of you and you will have instant access to more healing energies. Choku Rei also gives the other symbols more power when they are used together.

The Mental/Emotional Symbol (Sei He Ki)

(Sei He Ki pronounced as: “Say-Hay-Key”)

Sei He Ki has a general meaning of: “God and man become one”.

The Mental/Emotional symbol brings together the “brain and the body”. It helps people to bring to the surface and release the mental/emotional causes of their problems.

Many people (even doctors) are starting to realize that many of our ailments are based on mental and emotional unbalances that we probably are not even aware of. The symbol works to focus and harmonize the subconscious with the physical side.

This symbol can be used to help with emotional and mental healing. It balances the left and right side of the brain and gives peace and harmony.



The Distant Symbol (Hon Sha ZeShoNen)

(Hon Sha ZeShoNen is pronounced as: “Hon-Sha-Zee-Show-Nen”)

The symbol has a general meaning of: “No past, no present, no future” or it can have the meaning of “The Buddha in me contacts the Buddha in you”.

The Distance symbol can, as its name implies, be used to send energies over a distance. Time and distance is no problem when using this Reiki symbol. Many practitioners consider Hon Sha ZeShoNen as the most useful and powerful symbol. The use of the symbol gives access to the “Akashic Records”, the life records of each soul and can therefore be used in karmic healing. Trauma and other experiences from this life, previous or parallel lives that affect and mirror peoples’ behaviours can be brought to light and released.

The Reiki Master Symbol (Dai KoMyo)

Dai KoMyo symbol, pronounced: dye komeo

Dai komyo is the empowerment symbol, and means “great enlightenment” or “bright shining light.”

This symbol is a nourishing and enlightening one, and it is the most sacred Reiki symbol. It also has the highest vibration, and it has the most transformative power of all five of the Reiki symbols. The healing powers of daikomyo are all-encompassing, healing the upper chakras, the aura, and the soul as a whole.

This is the most powerful symbol of all and is used only by Reiki masters. It is a symbol for empowerment, soul healing, and non-dual realization.