Reiki Tools?

As one of the most well-known and powerful forms of energy healing, It offers wonderful results. Reiki works to balance one’s internal life force; offering healing for mind, body, and soul on a level often provided miraculous results. Reiki can be combined with other healing modalities, blending the energy of the two together to create an energy that goes beyond reiki healing alone.


A pendulum is a beautiful tool that will help access the collective consciousness, as well as a person’s own divine nature. A pendulum amplifies one’s naturally intuitive energy and offers an outlet of unprecedented understanding and clarity. Anyone is able to work with a pendulum, and with practice it will help to open one’s eye to reflect on their current state of spiritual and emotional energy.Crystals can be programmed for healing purposes. Crystal pendulums, as well as many objects can be charged or infused with Reiki healing energies


The geometric structure of pyramid attracts energy into it has been proved thousands of years ago. The use of pyramids in any healing is the same. That is to gather energy and that the structure does by itself. Our bodies and mind have to deal with negative energy every day. When you use pyramids as they are designed, the will energize you with high level of energy channelled to you by your spiritual guide. The smaller pyramids can be used for healing the chakras. The small pyramid grids have proven to give faster and better result in manifestations with reiki symbols.

Energy Generators

Energy generators are great tools for meditation, healing, and general support, and can also be used to charge other crystals. Different types of energy generator have specific uses based on their component crystals.Generators can restore, amplify and rebalance the energy flows of the body. To assist in healing, position a crystal on any chakra of the body – the seven chakras go from the base of the spine up to the crown of the head. If you have more than one crystal, use the generator in combination with other crystals placed on different parts of the body in a grid-like fashion.

Healing Wands/ Sticks

Healing Wands are used to focus and direct energy.Healing wands can be used in many different methods of healing. They can be used to heal the entire body or aura, or they can be used on a specific area of the body. They can be used to scan the aura to locate blockages, and then cleanse and heal them. Wands can also be used in massage healing. You can use the wand to meditate.You can draw negative energy away from something that may be bothering you.Healing wands come in many shapes and sizes – and are made of a variety of materials. Many are cylindrical and may or may not be faceted. Often healing wands have a rounded end and a pointed end, though sometimes both ends are rounded or both ends are pointed. You can use natural crystal and/or stone wands to take advantage of the stone’s natural energetic qualities. Different stones have different healing benefits and energies, so you may want more than wand to address different matters.

Crystal Pencils

Crystal Pencil is very useful for balancing the positive and negative energies within a person. Because the pencil tapers at one end, it has the ability to focus energy. This makes it helpful when healing the body and also with acupressure. Use the pointed end to put energy into a chakra or other area of the body, and use the blunt end to draw excess energy out and balance an area. Try using your Crystal Pencil during a Reiki session by placing it over the head of the person lying down.

Master Crystal Wands

Master crystal wands are excellent healing tools facilitating chakra balancing, emotional healing, and spiritual development. Master crystal wands are very useful for scanning the aura and the chakras to locate, cleanse and heal blockages. They are energetically cleansing, protective, and may stimulate and activate the human energy field. They may be helpful in fengshui for space clearing and environmental blessings.  Master crystal wands may be used to create sacred spaces for meditation, healing and spiritual work.

Crystal Obelisk/Towers

An obelisk/tower is a tapering four-sided shaft of stone, having a pyramidal apex representing a captured solar ray or a cosmic mountain. The pointed pillar of the obelisk symbolizes the journey of the spirit from the vibrations of the material “earthly” world to the subtle energies of the etheric field. It has been said that “the pillars of the obelisk support the heavens, humankind’s highest aspiration.”

The vertical structure and shape of the tower is suggestive of the hierarchies between higher and lower, power and powerlessness. The tower supports the movement inward with introspective and creative musings allowing for reflection and study while patiently waiting for new visions. Obelisks and towers are instruments of Divine Timing – marking sacred space and time.

Cabochon (Palm Stones)

These palm stones are excellent for crystal healing and make it easy to carry your favorite crystal with you in pocket or in purse. Palm stones are designed to fit into the palm of your hand and have a lovely tactile shape.  These flat smooth polished stones are used for healing and laying on a body part, chakra layouts, hold during meditation, Lay these palm stones on the skin, use them to focus energy, carry them with you or simply hold the stone to feel its energy.