What our Client’s Says

Dr. Anoop Agarwal is unsurpassed, substantially cooperative and thoughtful. He is taking his time to provide information of everything in each consultation. I am new to reiki and have had numerous sessions now, and I am slowly turning into the man I need to be or my real self. It’s far supporting me to launch my complete past trauma and terrible emotional bags. I look forward to each session with you. Thank you so much Dr. Agarwal!

-Naveen Bhati -Palwal- Haryana

I felt that I had an excellent opportunity to cure my acid reflux disorder and swallowing problems, which emerge as the motive for the treatment. I was correct; symptoms are much less aggressive now and getting fewer ever since. It is amazing, that just one session can have such an impact.

Vikas Sharma- Delhi

Dr. Anoop Agarwal is an immense aid for clearing anger and strain that I used to be maintaining in my heart chakra and in my third eye chakra. I have to experience the awful energy clearing from my body. We pointed out what I preferred to clean and I can also want to feel it leaving my body. It was an outstanding experience and I am capable of actually have a few other appointment. Now I felt like a large weight became lifted off of me. I appreciably advocate Dr. Agarwal.

-Richa Kapoor- Agra

I was already stressed with health issues when my mom died unexpectedly in 2017. Her death and the events surrounding it were so distressing that I basically “broke.” My doctors could find nothing; the meds they gave me were futile and shaped even more troubles. I smack bottom 2 years ago (IBS, panic attacks, systemic inflammation, and stabbing needle pain throughout my body I didn’t need to stay anymore, however loss of life wasn’t an option, so I stepped into the world of “alternative medicine.” I discovered a zenith osteo-acupuncturist who also facilitate with nutrition and herbs. Apart from initial improvements, growth soon slowed; 1.5 yrs into our work, my practitioner told me that nothing more would change until I unconstrained the trapped energy of the traumas that had made me sick. She suggested yoga, meditation and Reiki. Results with yoga and meditation had been confined, so I moved ahead with reiki.  And that’s while my life commenced converting. There has been a lot improvement, and it came so speedy, my acupuncturist instructed me to consciousness on reiki. At some stage in a current seek advice from; she turned into blown away by means of my development. Hope and health are valuable… thank you Dr. Agarwal!

-Disha Nagpal-Mumbai

I am going through a rough time in my life, with both physical and emotional issues. Dr. Anoop Agarwal helped me become relaxed yet focused so I am able to participate in my life again. I had an excellent experience. He is professional, knowledgeable, and very considerate. His office space is incredible and provides an amazing atmosphere. I have not felt this good in at least 2 years. I felt the treatment was very worthwhile, and I am definitely going to return. Thank you Dr. Agarwal for being changing my life!

-Aarti Chabra- Noida

It becomes my first contact with reiki and that I virtually cherished it. Dr. Agarwal has a totally calming strength and I felt the consultation become very useful in freeing the emotional ache I used to be feeling. I’m searching ahead to my subsequent consultation.

-Sanjay Ghai- Delhi

For Distance Healing Reiki Sessions

I experience confident, and the most blissful I have ever been. I have suffered from depression my whole life. Many instances I have felt so alone, so unhappy that I simply didn’t prefer to leave my house or go anywhere. (I am on Vitamin D dietary supplements and that helped a lot to enhance my mood) But REIKI has been something that is very precise for me, happiness is something that has simply refrained from me for a long time, even in the face of what would appear to be “great successes” I was once unable to allow myself to feel “good enough” to admire these accomplishments. But the healing sessions of Reiki combines with counseling given by way of Dr. Anoop Agarwal has changed my entire vision and the path of my life. I just feel so joyful”!!! Ha, what a amazing thing! How could I hold that to myself? Spread the joy, unfold the love, and heal the world with REIKI!!!” Thanks a Lot for giving me new vision.

-Sneha Shori- Palam- Delhi

I used to be feeling physically worn-out and mentally tired after a hectic month at work and have turn out to be experiencing throat and neck pain – no longer surprising as my throat chakra is continuously the number one to go. So I was considerably searching beforehand to a recuperation consultation with Dr. Agarwal. I found my body right away lightens up as I entered his recovery studio. After chatting for a couple of minutes, letting Dr. Agarwal is aware of approximately my modern bodily reputation, he select out a stone among his many stones and crystals, an object that in particular resonated with my strength. Next, upon lying on his desk, Dr. Agarwal began to check my body and located the stone on my throat chakra. He then began the recovery session. Inside the period in-between, I drifted inside and outside of a dreamlike state; dropping tune of time, feeling cozy at some stage in. Even as the consultation grows to be whole, I shared how I used to be feeling. The ache I have been experiencing earlier had been released, and I have now not skilled any throat ache within the very last 2 weeks for the cause that my reiki healing session. I’ve labored with high-quality reiki practitioners and experience Dr. Agarwal is a whole lot grounded and heals no longer only alongside collectively together with his palms but along with his presence too.

-Shekar Mathur- Gurgaon

Dr. Anoop Agarwal creates a sacred place and a sense of safety and love on the identical time as giving Reiki. He is a real healer, sharing his gifts for my self-discovery and change. His sessions normally promote deep rest and a feel of empowerment and well being. I return to my essence and revel in deep gratitude in his presence.

-Satish Kashyap- Green Field -Faridabad

I lost my husband, mother and a number of pals in speedy succession several years in the past and didn’t do any grief work at the time resulting in a very sad result. I have tried different methods of dealing with these losses with sluggish results. One session with Dr. Agarwal considerably relieved my signs and symptoms and I am a whole lot happier for the experience. I will perpetually sense these losses however my thoughts involving them no longer sense devastating. Dr. Agarwal is very skilled and top at what he does and I fantastically advise him for these sorts of issues.

-Akanksha Singla-Ludhiana

Some Kind Words From Our Students

I am so glad and energized that I was gifted to be taught from Dr. Anoop Agarwal! I was not certain what to anticipate and was feeling shy. Dr. Agarwal is entirely progressive and his radiance and love just environs me in the class and the whole occurrence left me feeling changed for the better forever! I extremely advocate his teachings. Thank you eternally Dr. Agarwal for giving me aptitude to share the loving energy of Reiki and for guiding me through meditations. At this late date in the game, my life is truly improved because of you!

-Charu Mehta- Ahmedabad

The minute I met Dr. Agarwal I felt a bond with him. Thank you for the direction, light, love and healing you have bring into my life. Your Master Reiki class far exceeded my outlook. Reiki is a blessing and so are you to share and teach this beautiful knowledge with others. Your magnificent liveliness has touched my compassion and essence. You have made a divergence in my life and I am truly appreciative for your help on my voyage.


I want to express my gratitude to you so much for such a wonderful experience. I utterly loved it, and have been involved almost with determination. I unquestionably agree that the practice has greatly improved my self-confidence and therefore, my treatments have gotten much more powerful. My hands are heating up and I’ve been having some exciting experiences with feeling emotions in my hands from my clients

- Poonam- Ghaziabad

Dr. Anoop Agarwal is a true motivation, he approaches the subject with a great intensity of understanding, practice and care. He is instantaneously associated to you as a teacher and the course for me was very divine.  A fire of healing light and liveliness has been turned on and my credit goes out to him for kindly leading me on this path of enlightenment.

-Achla Sachdeva- Bhopal

I want to convey my gratitude for the Reiki 2 class I took with you…  I thought the resources and arrangement were very professional and the deliberations are appealing and significant.

- Rehana Sheikh- Hyderabad

Express gratitude for your compassion that we will carry on our journey for the rest of our lives. As I become more concerned to the spiritual world, I have met so many diverse and incredible people on this spiritual path that have made an immense impact on my existence and have educated me things that I will expect one day train to others. Thank you for being one of those wonderful people, I will forever be indebted for the tools that you have given me and the experience that we shared.

-Shashi Suhkla- Chandigarh