The Aura

AURA! What’s that? Scientists define this as a concrete energy field or electromagnetic energy field around people, such as an egg-shaped energy ball that covers the body. The aura consists of seven levels / layers / auric bodies, known as the physical, astral, lower, higher, spiritual, intuitive, and absolute planes. A subtle colored glows surround the corporeality of a human being are formed into an aura.

Now the next question in our mind is: “Why are we concerned about this?”Each of these subtle bodies around the physical body has its own particular frequency. They are connected, and each body is influenced by the other. It also affects the feelings, emotions, thinking, behavior, and overall health of a person. A state of disequilibrium in one body leads to an imbalance in the other. It is connected with the chakra’s activity (Sanskrit for the “energy wheel”) and it reflects the personal state of mind. The colors of the aura provide us with information concerning the quality of a person’s consciousness, emotions, ideas, abilities and vital energies. Since we know that our own thoughts affect AURA and others, for instance, one person could make you a bit concerned, while the other one chills you out? Well, much of this has to do with your aura, which informs your position and your general will.

“How it happened / how did your AURA get affected?”The person who makes you anxious and depressed have very weak and sluggish aura, by his negative thinking and, suppressed emotional feelings, such as fear, jealousy and envy which he maintain within him. Such an attitude suppresses his real nature, and their aura also seems to get suppressed and damaged, and the person who makes you chill has a very clean and energized aura because he doesn’t hold any malicious feelings or emotion in it and always thinks positive. He is familiar with the core of life “let it be” and “flow with the currents.” The damaged or suppressed aura is highly vulnerable to negativity from the outside.

“How do we repair, balance and protect our damaged Aura?”If we have undesirable energies in our auras we can feel fatigued, down, imbalanced, shriveled, anxious,’ not entirely ourselves,’ or even ill.

There are various ways of balancing our aura.

  1. Take a nice hot bath where one cup or more of salt has been dissolved, preferably sea salt.
  2. Wear the preferred color, which indeed makes you feel great. It can be a color that needs to be clarified, or a color that needs more in your aura.
  3. Get into the wilderness. Sunlight is a purifier of natural energy.
  4. Smudge yourself with a sage stick.
  5. Crystals are brilliant Aura Cleanser. The typical crystals used for this are smoky quartz, obsidian, selenite or black tourmaline, but any crystal you feel a connection with it do so.
  6. Meditation
  7. Reiki treatment

If your own efforts don’t seem to be working for you, you may contact an experienced energy healer or aura healing practitioner. Sometimes we all need a little help! To know more about AURA or the terms discussed above you can visit auraadvisor.

“Anger is tied to expectations about what we believe should or shouldn’t happen or may be a response to the past”