Before your Reiki treatment commences, a reiki master or practitioner will take a brief lifestyle and medical history from you. This will inform him of your current health and whether you are currently taking any medication o not. It will also tell him, why you have come for treatment.

If this is your first experience of a Reiki treatment, the reiki master or practitioner will explain; how the treatment will be carried out and ask whether you have any questions at this point. After this, you will be asked to remove your shoes and be invited to lie down, fully clothed, on a very comfortable treatment couch or in a chair, you may asked to close your eyes and begin to relax into the experience. The Reiki energy will now be flowing through the hands of the practitioner or the reiki master and he will begin to very lightly place his hands over the energy points on your body, At each energy point, his hands will remain still for a few minutes and you may feel heat or cold coming from his hands, which is a very calming and soothing feeling or You may feel nothing. This is totally normal, as this is the reiki energy is being absorbed by your body is going to whatever part of your body needs it the most. At the end of the treatment, he can discuss your experience of receiving Reiki healing.
Reiki treatments have to be experienced as words cannot justify how wonderful this healing energy truly is.